Thursday 22 February 2024
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Company introduction

Investment and Development Company of Maku (Joint Stock Company) was registered on 16, Jan, 2017 with the registration number 3525 and the national ID 14006509291. The company has Iranian nationality and is one hundred percent of its shares belong to Maku Free Trade- Industrial Zone Organization.

Maku Investment and Development Company is governed by the provisions of the Articles of Association and the laws and regulations governing commercial-industrial zones of Islamic Republic of Iran and its main center is located in Maku Free Trade Zone.

Dr. Alireza Nasiri
Chief Executive Officer of Maku Investment Company

The northwestern territories of Iran have witnessed widespread changes in the economy and macroeconomic policies of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran ....

Indicative Projects

Maku Weather
    MAX : 0 °C
    MIN : -6 °C
    MAX : 0 °C
    MIN : -6 °C
    MAX : 0 °C
    MIN : -7 °C
    MAX : -3 °C
    MIN : -7 °C

Free Zone Area 500000 Hectare

Free Zone Population 203000 People

فاصله زمینی تا تهران 877 km

فاصله هوایی تا تهران 1 ساعت